ClearSounds SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Dual Large Display Alarm Clock

ClearSounds® SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Dual Large Display Alarm Clock
Product Code: CSSW200

ClearSounds SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Dual Large Display Alarm Clock

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Are you constantly running late because you are not hearing your alarm clock go off? Are you an early riser? Does your spouse like to sleep-in? Has the piercing sound of your alarm clock caused needless arguments with the sleep-head in the family? The SW200 ShakeUp to WakeUp Dual Large Display Alarm Clock is the perfect solution in hearing impaired products.

We all know how fast time flies...especially when it's your alarm clock being thrown out of your bedroom window.

Are you notorious for being late because you can't hear the sound of your alarm?  Are you an early riser, but your spouse prefers to sleep in?  Do you find that the sound of your alarm provokes ongoing, unnecessary and unwanted arguments?  

There comes a point and time when you simply can't take it anymore.  Believe us when we say that you're not alone.  The good news is...we're here to help you in more ways than just one.  

We understand that every person, couple or household has different waking preferences, so we've designed the ShakeUp to Wakeup Alarm Clock so you can choose which wake-up option works the best for you.  For super heavy sleepers, we've made pitch and tone that is adjustable in volume up to 87 dB.  For couples with different sleeping patterns,  there's a flashing light option that will wake the early riser, but let your sleepy-head get their beauty rest.

So you've got options to solve your problems.  Dual alarms, a plug that allows you to plug your lamp in for a flashing light alarm, a large display and an attractive design.  Say goodbye to those early morning quarrels and welcome the days of waking up on the right side of the bed.


View the SW200 product information sheet (pdf)

View the SW200 product manual in English (pdf)
View the SW200 product manual in French (pdf)

  • Dual Alarm Clock
  • Built-in telephone signaler
  • 87 dB extra-loud alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control)
  • 12V Super Shaker™ bed vibrating unit included
  • Built-in flashing alert lights
  • Alarm 1, alarm 2
  • Display info: Multi-function 0.9" red LED display
  • Size: 7.75"x4.25"x4.75"
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

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