Where You Are

Life sounds beautiful wherever you are.
From home to work to dinner in that great-but-noisy pizza place, we’ve got products that keep you connected to what’s going on around you.

iConnect ClearSounds Amplified A1600BT Bundle

The new ClearSounds iConnect Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth and built-in answering machine offers sound clarity, intuitive functionality & the freedom you demand in one very beautiful design.  Incorporated Bluetooth now allows all of us who depend on our cell phones as a basic communication device to benefit from the full range of amplification and frequency control for our cell phone calls.

The A1600BT Bundle includes an extension handset.

Web Price: $229.95
ClearSounds Wireless Infrared Home Audio Headset System

With the ClearSounds IR2012 Headset System you can enjoy your favorite movie, TV program, or concerto at the exact volume you want without compromising sound quality or annoying the neighbors.

Web Price: $119.95
ClearSounds Wireless Infrared Home Audio Transmitter

Enjoy your favorite movie, TV program, or Concerto wirelessly at the exact volume you want without compromising sound quality or annoying the neighbors.

Web Price: $49.99
Front view of Quattro 4.0 LITE Adaptive Bluetooth System

Whether you're experiencing hearing loss or simply want an incredible listening experience, the powerful yet stylish Quattro 4.0 LITE easily connects to your Bluetooth headset or hearing aid with t-coils, making it the ultimate tool for living life in stereo sound.

Web Price: $199.95
ClearSounds QLinkTV Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter

The new QLinkTV delivers crystal-clear stereo sound with top-of-the-line features like automatic reconnection to the last device used, compatibility with other A2DP Bluetooth accessories, versatile micro USB charging functionality, long-lasting battery and more.

*Currently available for pre-order. The QLinkTV will begin shipping January 1, 2016.

Web Price: $69.95
Remote pendant for ClearSouds Emergency Response Phone CSC600ER

Additional pendant for the CSC600ER Emergency Response Phone

Web Price: $49.95
ClearSounds® A600E Additional Amplified Handset & Charging Pod Accessory for the

Super Special Deal on the A600E!  For a limited time, we are offering the extension handset to our popular A600 for 50% off!

Unless you live in a hotel room, there's bound to come a day (many days, actually) when you just can't find your A600 handset--or when you can't run fast enough to answer the phone because it's several rooms away. The solution? One or more A600 accessory handsets. (NOTE: The A600E must be used with an A600 main system. The A600E is not a stand alone phone)

Web Price: $15.00
RS062 SmartSound Earbuds

The SmartSound™ Audio Headset is a symphony for your ears, that offers protection for you hearing as well. If your teenager gets hold of it, you may have to buy yourself another. 


Web Price: $49.95
ClearSounds® WCSC600 Digital Amplified Freedom Phone™ with Full ClearDigital™ Po

When it comes to the WCSC600, the question isn't what features does it have, but what features doesn't it have? The most powerful tone management, ergonomic design, low power usage. And that's just for starters.

Web Price: $149.95
CSC600ER UltraClear™ Amplifying Emergency Connect Speakerphone

Emergencies happen. That's why we offer the Amplifying Emergency Connect Speakerphone that auto-dials up to 5 pre-programmed numbers, lets you record an outgoing emergency message and more. Comes with a wrist pendant, too.

Web Price: $179.95
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